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Wrangler, The Wild Way Home

MPC Amsterdam collaborates with We Are Pi for Wrangler’s ‘The Wild Way Home’ campaign

We Are Pi’s latest spot for Wrangler, directed by Paul Ward at Hurricane, urges people to look for the interesting in the everyday, break out of their comfort zones and take the ‘wild’ way home.

Shot on a Go-Pro with VFX by MPC Amsterdam, this fast paced spot features 25-year old ‘daredevil’ freerunner James Kingston - who has climbed the Eiffel Tower without safety ropes - scaling dizzying heights to defiant spoken word narration.

Kingston’s performance defines the rebellious mentality of the people who wear Wrangler fashion, and sends a clear message that it can be a good thing to break the rules.




We Are Pi

Production Company



Paul Ward


Kaz Salemink & Anne Flemming

Agency Producer

Vicky Cullen


Micheal Ceary, Deon Van Zyl


MPC Amsterdam

VFX Lead

Richie White

VFX Team

Lise Prud-Homme, Fraser Cleland

Remote Grade

MPC Amsterdam


Richard Fearon


Kayleigh Dugdale