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UNIQLO, Wholegarment

MPC partners with AOI Pro.’s Yuichi Kodama and TBWA Hakuhodo on spot to promote UNIQLO’s new ‘Wholegarment’ clothing line

This slick spot is all about showcasing a technology used in UNIQLO’s new clothing line called ‘Wholegarment’. A single thread is woven into a dress with no cuts, no sews and no waste.

Director Kodama’s idea was to highlight the wearing comfort by using VFX to weave a dress tightly around the skin of an actress. Although difficult to carry off, the photoreal textiles in the spot are seamlessly pulled off thanks to subtle VFX from MPC.



TBWA Hakuhodo


Yuichi Kodama

Production Company

AOI Pro.


Yuta Echigo



VFX Supervisor

Christian Kalata

VFX Producer

Alvaro Montenegro

VFX Team

Madhuka Genasekera, Marielle Santens, Allegra David, Eason Wu, Minnie Chen, Ginesh Gandhi, Alexey Petryaev, Chamishka Gamage, Aram Hakze

Bangalore Line Producer

Pooja Pandya

Bangalore VFX Team

Pritesh Krishnappa Kotian, Jaspreet Dua, SelvaKumar k, Deepali Negi, Ganesh Kumar S., Sivapriyan, Prashanth Paramasivam




Yuichi Kodama