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U2, Song for Someone

MPC VR Teamed Up with Vrse for Chris Milk's Interpretation of U2’s ‘Song for Someone'

MPC VR worked with Director Chris Milk and to bring his latest project to life for U2 and Apple Music. The experience, which made its soft debut on an Apple-branded ‘Experience Bus’ outside the band’s recent O2 Arena London shows, is now available on the app. In the experience, the viewer begins on an empty Toronto stage with U2, before transitioning to locations around the world to watch other fans in their own natural habitats singing along with the band. The video is a truly immersive musical and visual experience, as U2 perform the song all around you, interspersed with other musicians in countries around the world. Turning left or right within the headset, the binaural audio tracks the viewer based on where they are looking, to single out the sounds of different performers.



Production Company


Chris Milk

VR Post-Production


Executive Producer

Tim Dillon


MPC London

VFX Executive Producer

Dan Phillips

VFX Producer

Tomek Zietkiewicz


Johnny Blick

VFX Supervisor/2D Lead

Toya Drechsler

VFX Supervisor (Bangalore)

Jim Spratling

Line Producer (Bangalore)

Goutham Hampankatta

VFX Team

Fabrizio Ghiso, Alex Snookes, Pavel Vicik, Avinash Bhandary, Ginesh Gandhi, Vijaya Kumar & Rajmohan Rawat




Derek Hansen