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John Lewis Home Insurance, Tiny Dancer

MPC and Blink’s Dougal Wilson collaborate once again to deliver Tiny Dancer for John Lewis

A new spot for John Lewis Home Insurance launches today. Created by adam&eveDDB, directed by Blink’s Dougal Wilson, with VFX and colour grading by MPC.  The new ad strengthens an award-winning relationship between the three entities.

Inspired by hearing the Elton John classic hit ‘Tiny Dancer’ on the radio, the ad follows a passionate, aspiring young ballet dancer’s somewhat graceless and endearingly clumsy expression of dance through the kitchen, lounge, dining room and hallway of her home, whilst very nearly causing a trail of destruction in her wake.

2D artist, Tom Harding combined multiple ‘plate’ layers and carried out rig removal and clean up to generate natural consistency and the possibility of what could happen.  Colour graded by Jean-Clement Soret.





Production Company



Dougal Wilson

Chief Creative Officer

Ben Priest

Executive Creative Director

Richard Brim


Jo Cresswell

Art Director

Sian Coole


Joe Guest @ Final Cut

Audio Post Production

Anthony Moore @ Factory



VFX Executive Producer

Julie Evans

VFX Producer

Hannah Ruddleston

VFX Supervisor 2D

Tom Harding

VFX Shoot Supervisor

Dan Sanders

VFX Team

Toya Drechsler, Mike Cosgrave, Petter Lindholm, Sreejimol CP, Sugumar S, Lokanath Sahu & Abdul Labeeb




Jean-Clément Soret