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Coco de Mer, X

Rankin helms risqué new film for Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer, the luxury lingerie retailer has released a three minute film under the tag line ‘They say you think about sex every six seconds. We can help you think about it even more.’

A series of NSFW imagery follows, a quick fire succession of erotic visions and steamy liaisons. Renowned fashion photographer Rankin teamed up with TBWA Creative Director Walter Campbell on the film, which was shot by a six-member ensemble of directors through Rankin Films.

MPC delivered a number of VFX shots, including the celestial ‘sky opening’ sequence visible in the opening scenes. Kai van Beers worked on the multi faceted grade. 




TBWA London

Production Company

Rankin Film



Creative Director

Walter Campbell

Additional Directors

Damien Fry & Jo Hunt, Trisha Ward, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes, David Allain and Vicky Lawton

Agency Producer

Natalie Spooner


Sean Doyle

Production Company Executive Producer

Elin Tiberg

Production Company Producer

Clark Jackson, Lauren Havard & Ada Almeida


Eric Zimmerman, Matthew Taylor & Marcus Autelli



VFX Producer

Tomek Zietkiewicz

VFX Team

Michael Gregory, Marcus Dryden & Leanne Goymer




Kai van Beers