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Audi Sport, Test Drive

MPC LA helps Audi Sport let audiences know that it is them being taken for the test-drive

The two minute film features dramatic metaphors to illustrate the power and speed of the TT RS, RS 3, R8 Spyder, and R8 Coupe, flipping the notion that it is the drivers who are doing the testing.

MPC then performed full scale VFX to bring these powerful metaphors to life and visually express just how innovative and timeless these models are.

Extensive concept, previs and exploratory transformation FX were done by the entire MPC team involved to get the desired timings that would showcase the metaphors off in the best possible way. We then added further liquid FX, air distortion, sparks and particles to create the final stunning visual.

MPC also carried out clean up, set extension and car beauty work across the full edit.




Audi Sport


Venables Bell & Partners

Production Company

Stink LA


Salomon Ligthelm


Paul Ure


Jeff Baron


Matt Flaker

Senior Art Director

Rich North

Senior Copywriter

Rus Chao

Creative Director

Justin Moore


Final Cut LA


Rick Russel


Ana Orrach

Edit Assistant

Zoe Schak



Creative Director

Rob Hodgson

CG Supervisor

Ryan McDougal

Lead Compositor

Jim Spratling

CG Artists

Rune Mansson, Christian Gallagher, Ali Rizvi, Alvaro Segura, Clement Renaudin, Jim Koonce, Pascual Rubio Cervera, Lyndsey Horton, Samir Patel, Andrew Price, Jacob Patrick, Mithilesh.G, Anupam Kumar, Pramod Dwivedi, Anurag Singh

2D Artists

Oliver Caiden, Kenneth Robin

BGLR Producer

Deepanjali Singh

Matte Painter

Partha Modal